BONET Insulation and Chilling Engineering Ltd. is the leading Israeli manufacturer of insulated elements (panels) for light and industrial construction. 

The company has been establishment in 1995, and ever since, provided insulated elements for various and numerous places and venues – anything from public buildings, to shopping malls and agricultural structures. 

BONET's panels stand out with the most some unique and sought after advantages in the field:


• Excellent thermal insulation (energy saving system)
• 100% Waterproof qualities   
• Long-lasting stability and durability
• Quick and easy installation
• Esthetic appearance
• Light weight and extensive strength 

Additional specialties and services:

Manufacturing and assembling of cold storage rooms

Engineering portable isolation structures 

Installing doors in full range of types and sizes   

Providing cold isolation units for any given need  

In 35 years of experience, BONET's principals of service remain uncompromised and include:

BONET is ISO 9002 certified, under the supervision of the Standards Institution of Israel.

Continuous innovation:
All products derive from our extensive 35 years of research and knowledge, use of latest technologies, and excellent materials.
Pro-customer service which includes:
•    Reasonable prices
•    Engineering and architectural consultation
•    Project analysis 


For any assistance

please call: 053-9370050 


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בונט | פנלים מבודדים | יחידות קירור | חדרי קירור
בונט | פנלים מבודדים | יחידות קירור | חדרי קירור